2019 Industry Studies Conference


Join us for for the 2019 Industry Studies Conference!  The conference will feature two full days of paper sessions incorporating several plenary sessions and will include a professional development workshop for early career scholars. 

2019 Theme

Walking the Tightrope to Economic Resilience: Balancing Specialization and Diversification

Just as firms and individuals must balance the returns to specialization with the risk mitigation benefits of diversification, so, too, must regions. Among the many ways that regions can thrive economically is by developing depth in a single sector. Such specialization brings with it scale economies as well as the means to self-sustain the supportive clusters and social networks that allow for economies of scope, rich and redundant supply chains, accelerated learning-by-doing, and a snowballing and cross-fertilization of sector-specific knowhow and knowledge-sharing. At the same time, industrial and urban history are rife with examples of withering “rust belt” cities reliant on a very narrow portfolio of industries or perhaps even a single sector as a tax base and as a source of employment.

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